The Lemon Tree Fund
Making Lemonade -
one survivor at a time
Lemon Tree Fund - When life brings you lemons, make lemonade!

Are you an Ovarian Cancer survivor?
 Going through chemo?

 Don't those co-pays hit you when you really don't need any more hassles?

Well, the Lemon Tree Fund was established to help those people who are Ovarian Cancer survivors like myself put a little bit of sunshine in your life by paying some of your chemo co-pays! 

We can't pay your HMO deductibles nor your big bills, but when life gives you lemons, we help you make lemonade!

This is a brand new concept, and will grow (like my real lemon tree) into a full-blown 501c3 non-profit organization.

So......two things:
1)  We are seeking donations to get the Lemon Tree Fund started
2)  If you are an Ovarian Cancer survivor, we want to hear from you.

For either reasons, please contact me:
Gayle Hitchcock

via e-mail "gayle hitchcock at comcast dot net" (you have to take out the "at" and "dot" get it)
We really need some seed donations to get this fund going so we can dole out contributions to women in need.  It's a simple thing, but those $20 co-pays really kick the spirit out of anyone going through chemo....

So, please consider a small contribution today to get our fund started.

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